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Real life Terminator scenes and a message to the legend known as Arnold Schwarzenegger


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(just a reminder I didn’t make these up and all of the events described here happened before i watched either Terminator 1 and 2 based off of the events) OK so here’s how it went. I saw a guy once near a building. He said something (I don’t know what. Possibly “I’ll be back.” Then runs a person over and kinda damages a pub. Terrible I know. Then a few weeks later, I saw a fight between a year 11 (who kinda looks like the T-1000 lol) and a year 7 (Not much older than John Connor during Terminator 2)  So the Year 11 guy was picking on the Year 7 kid, so i got an Adrenaline rush and started to power walk my way towards the bully(they never noticed me until i sprang into action) and completely knocked the guy silly. The younger one was on the floor so i reached out my hand and said. “come with me.” He took my hand and we made a mad dash to the Principal’s office (without Motorbikes or a Truck) The bullies got put in A2E (Alternative to “2” Exclusion [basically isolation I think]. ) for about three weeks because this was happening a lot. Yeah and i also have the Nickname “Terminator” Now. :D I would also like to mention that you, Arnold, are my role model in life. Often I think that the world is falling into ruin and that the bad people of the world are taking over. Then i see people like you. You are such are caring, kind and loving man. You (unlike a lot of people in this world) do not Judge people off of their appearance, disabilities, race, religion, intelligence, nothing. Not only are you a BRILLIANT actor. You’re one of the nicest people on this planet. and I am glad to be able to say that I am part of the Schwarzenegger community.