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This is my story ..


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Hello, my name is Pavel. A year and a half ago my wife and I came from Russia to the USA. In Russia we lived very poorly and very badly. In 2015, it was very difficult to leave Russia because the government of Putin in every possible way tried to prevent people from traveling abroad. But we still managed to escape from there, we have issued a student visa. Now we have found one inexpensive school in the city of Las Vegas. And we live while in this city. The fact is that we have run out of livelihoods because we can not work on the Student Visa by law. And when we run out of money we will have to fly back to Russia. But we really do not want this, we do not want to return to that regime where no life is not a man of no value at all. We love this country very much. We love the United States of America very much, and with all our heart we want to live here. But unfortunately we were deceived by immigration lawyers taking our money and not changing our status. The probability that we won the Green card in the lottery is very small, we do not know Who to contact and where to go we do not know what to do next, but we want to stay here. We are ready to work long and hard. We want to work for the benefit of America for the good of American society in order to become subsequently US citizens who benefit this country. How many emigrants from Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union are trying to get sickness or disability benefits here. We do not want this! We do not want to work and earn money with our own labor. Maybe if someone wants to help us, then you can help us. Please, show this message to those people who have the opportunity to help us. Thank you