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Why I Want a Six Pack


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Read Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding.  He wrote some ladies love six packers, some hate them.  I have never been proud of any physical accomplishment.  Mostly worked in IT.  Never played sports in schools.  Never won an award.  Never ran a race.  Didn’t even jog in the mornings to high school like normal kids do everywhere else.  Instead I had what he calls jigglers.  But I also never ate no schnitzels, either, as we’re very poor.  This is the first time I have time and space to exercise however it fancies me.  It’s just that I lack money, again, for protein and other stuff.  However, I am not at all concerned what ladies want nor desire in a man.  Getting a six pack is something I want to accomplish, as I believe we all have about ten years left of fossil fuels and then it’s game over.  So at least I want to look at myself with a six pack and know that I could accomplish this meager task.  As a kid I dreamed the future would be full of fit men, and fit women, and that the lazy and self-abusive whom turn out obese or worse would vanish.  The fact that Arnold is still fighting for us to “LIFT” says that majority of our life goals and even family values are off the scale wrong.  Many blame gender inequality, lack of resources.  “That is all BULLSHIT!” (Arnold’s voice).  The space between the sink and the bathtub is sufficient and has all the equipment one needs to build moderate muscle tone if one spends mere 20 minutes before or after a shower.  It is the space in which I did sit ups type of drills to get motivated at first.  I would stand in my round little bath mat, and slowly touch my toes, and then raise the arms above my head to touch the ceiling.  I did this first 30 times, then 50, then 80, and now I do 200 before a shower.  Takes 5 minutes and I feel a burn.  No weights needed.  Simple exercises such as these go a long way.  Even the laziest person has these five minutes.

Thank you Arnold for showing me at the age of 5 what a skinned human body hanging from a jungle canopy looks like though.  That image, will never, ever, evvvvvvaaa get to ma choppa of forgetses!  smile

Peace.  smile