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My battle against weight. Another way to enjoy life


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Hello everyone!!

My name is Marcelo and i born in Brazil. I have 34 years and have always been fat. However, in this year the spark is burn after my wife lost the babys at 5° months of pregnancy. After the shock, the doctor recommended activities such as gym, and a cousin of my wife who is a bodybuilder, give to us a diet for begining.
My start pound is 273.68 ( 124.4 kg) and i have 5´11” tall in 31 July of this year.

Today my pound is 254.98 ( 115.9 kg) and my battle is only start…..

I’m really motivated to change my lifestyle and made ​​myself a question: I’ve always been fat .... will be as strong?


Breakfast - Coffee with milk and sweetener * (more coffee than milk)
2 slices of whole wheat bread with light cream cheese or cottage cheese.

Snack - 1 or 2 fruits (banana or apple in my case)

Lunch - 2 shells of brown rice, 1 or 2 fillets of grilled chicken, salad, juice clight.

Snack - Same as above

Before training - 1 banana

Post workout - dextrose + creatine

Dinner - 1 or 2 chicken fillets, salad and egg (usually omelette)

What would you say to me? And thank you all for the views!


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Marcelo - BRAVO for your dieting success, but you have to mix it up or you will become bored.
Just eat lean proteins and what do you do to work-out?

You have to excersize every day for an hour - at least one hour!
Are you going to the gym to work out for an hour?

Do you ride a bike?

Do you take a run or walk for an hour?

All those things will help you to lose more weight.

God bless you and your family.


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I’m in the gym six days a week. And my workout is longer than an hour, mixing with hypertrophic cardio and continue with the diet.
I have no bike, but my wife is spinning at the gym.
My race is on the treadmill, 30 minutes alternating between walking and running and that after training.
My current weight is 240.30 (109.00)

Hug and thanks for the help!