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. the way?

from HARDWORKOUT - TO STRENGTH AND CONDITION EFFORTS. then the SLIMWAY - and of course keeping all the other power and fights the same.

the idea is to have the same power, with a littler eating and carrying body. just about from 88kilopower to 79kilo - perhaps but with exact the same PERFORMANCE of the body…

natural bodybuilding consists of many processes - one is that growing and working process - but the other is the slimming process - which makes you much more fast!

i made this process through - and am now again on the step to get some kilos and some endstrength on!

have phun and no powder!

keep cycling, running, swimming, fighting!


Rüdiger Müller | ZSS

ps? .the GOAL? slimpower with thriatlonready body!

pps? and there is ALWAYS a NEXT step - when you do the harder work and eat more - to days where you do more condition work…

pops? the most benefit is the drugless and poisonless work condition, and of course the the GREAT HEALTH ADDITION, IN ANY KIND OF ENVIRONMENT MOVEMENT.


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