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Advice on how to gain more bicep and tricep size for a 16 year old skinny male


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Started weight training a year ago with a York vinyl dumbell set with upper arm diameter of 16cm. In March this year I changed the weights from 2.5kg total on each to 5 kg total on each. am fit, but not super-fit and used to do Karate but do not anymore. I currently have an upper arm diameter of 28cm and would like to gain more, so that with my arms down by my sides, there is a clear taper from my shoulders to my wrists, as supposed to them looking virtually the same size. Please can you give me any tips you know on how I can improve any of the following:
1. Cardiovascular training
2. Dietary/supplements*
3. Sleep
4. Weight training regime


*(I currently do not take any supplements)