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Our Car.  The De-Terminator.


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Hello Mr. Schwarzenegger aka: Mr. Terminator

Right before Thanksgiving my husband’s car was involved in a collision.  Luckily, my husband was not.  An elderly woman in a new SUV managed to hit 6 parked cars, including a utility vehicle, in an office parking lot and was declared a total loss. We had full coverage but after all was settled, we are not able to fix the car right away as the damage is in excess of the settlement.

However, our family does NOT do sour grapes.  My husband being the DIY Fixer- Engineer that he is, has made the ol’ Honda safe to drive again.  But she’s not looking pretty anymore.  Our boys are embarrassed of being seen in her but I’ve reassured them that our car, much like the Terminator, has come back!  We call her the “De-Terminator” now.

It’s NOT what something looks like that matters, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, right!?  I was hoping maybe the REAL Terminator could share some advice with our boys too.  That way, at school they can tell their friends that the Terminator thinks their car is “COOL” smile 

As you can see, our car REALLY does look like it’s from the movie!!  Check out the sweet taillights wink
Thank you!! 
Fondly, Mom of Boys who LOVE the Terminator (especially the adult boy- Daddy!)


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