What’s Old is New Again: Redefining the Quality of Life

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By Jim Smith

Do you remember back to a time as a child where the possibilities in life seemed endless?  When your days were filled with dreams and your potential could not be measured?  Then slowly over time, and without you noticing, life got in the way.  This priceless child-like mentality was replaced with responsibilities, bills, stress, and too little sleep.  Now imagine for a moment, that those old dreams could become your new reality?  The solution could be easier than you can imagine and something that could change how well you live your life forever.

Time’s Greatest Illusion

When you were younger, days seemed to go on forever and you thought that you would never grow up. Time’s greatest illusion is that it is constant.  The misconception that every day has 24 hours for each of us to do what we want with, is a lie.  The endless days we remember as children are now accelerating past us at a non-stop pace.  The time we thought we once had to reach our dreams has long gone by and we’re fighting for every second just to catch our breath. 

To regain that youthful feeling of hope, many would give everything.  But I’m here to tell you that the ‘fountain of youth’ and trick for improving the quality of life can’t be bought with money or found in a pill, lotion or special drink.  The secret is something that Arnold has known all along – committing yourself to a life of fitness. 

The reality is that the simple act of consistently making fitness a priority every day and focusing on good nutrition can create a small spark that could change your life in an instant.  And this ripple effect will impact the rest of your life in unimaginable ways.

It will give you the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life, allow you to live longer, and set the example for your family to follow.  Arnold is one of the world’s greatest examples of living fully and reaping the rewards of a fit lifestyle.  Because of his consistent focus on working out, he is able to continue achieving great things in his life and remove limitations from his thoughts.  And that is what champions do.

Finding Your “Why”

You’re ‘why’ for making fitness a priority could be to build muscle, get stronger, or look and feel better.  But I’m asking you to think harder because the ‘why’ is everything.

You must have a ‘why’ for what you do. 

If you don’t have a ‘why’ that is powerful, you won’t have the passion and drive to keep going when things get tough – because they eventually will.  And that is the time when you’ll be tested.  When the kids are being bad, when work is stressing you out, or when you don’t have any free time to workout.  If your ‘why’ is powerful enough, you will find a way to stay the course with your goals in and out of the gym. 

And I’m not talking about a ‘why’ defined by looking good, I’m talking about something that you can’t see.  Something that is deep down inside.   For instance, setting the example for your children, achieving more confidence and mental toughness, adding a quality of life to your years, or even just gaining the inner strength to be who you really are.

Yes training calms the mind and strengthens the body.  But it can also help to redefine your life and build strength of character and strength of mind.  With every workout, every set, and every rep, you will overcome obstacles in your life that you once had thought were too great.  In this comes a power that allows you to be your true self and live without fear of what others will think. 

And this confidence and self-assuredness will become infectious. 

Because you are able to live your life freely, you will inspire others to greatness in their lives - just by being around you.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Harold Whitman

Fitness will make you come alive and allow you to go forward without limitations and be the strongest version of yourself.  Imagine immediately changing your life today, just by making the decision to take that first step into a gym.  That first step that you’ve put off for so long because you were too scared that people would notice that you were a ‘beginner’ or maybe that others would judge you.

What Kind of Life Are You Designing?

The reward for being fit goes way beyond muscles.  It can redefine your life.  It will help you see that the important things in life don’t cost any money.   That everything you’ve always wanted could be yours, because with strength comes hope.

What’s old can become new again if you’re willing to give fitness a chance.  It is not too late to rediscover the dreams you once imagined as a kid.  The better quality of life you can create through a dedication to a more fit lifestyle will remove all of your obstacles one-by-one.  Look at Arnold – always leading from the front.  Dedicating his life to fitness has ensured he is healthy, active, and enjoying every day to the fullest.  Add quality to your years - that is the true ‘fountain of youth’.  Watch what champions do and do that every day, and you will become the champion of your life.

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Jim is a proud Dad, strength coach, and fitness entrepreneur.  Co-author of the best selling Athletic Development Training system, Jim has been recognized as one of the ‘most innovative coaches’ in the fitness industry.  Jim is regularly featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness.

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