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The murder of my son


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Hi everyone,
Probably most of you won’t read this, and I am pretty sure Arnold won’t get time to.
My 18 year old son was beaten up in Liverpool in 2003, by a gang of men on a night out, he died the following day from his injuries.
So far his killers have never been brought to justice.
The police and Crown prosecution service seemed to just treat his death as just another killing.
To highlight his case and raise the publicity, I have been getting celebrities to hold up a poster with information of his death and and details of a reward etc.
My dream would be for my boyhood hero and one of the most inspirational people ever, Arnold to do one for me, I don’t think this would be possible, but please friends and fans of the great man please share my story .
There is also a website : http://www.justiceforandrewjones.com
I am also on Twitter @andybjones
Thank you so much for reading this,


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