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Finally setting a example!


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Today out of physical fitness hopes and aspirations, I finally set up a road bike cycling group forum in my Nextdoor app for the neighborhood where I live. I still live next door to the pastor’s church. However, a lot has changed since the pipeline construction outside the main reservoir here in my area is almost ending. Businesses shut down before the pandemic, communities and leader roles fleeing to find solace back in their states. But other people are coming back to move during the beautification, and I mean people that belong here kind of people. People that earn their seat and people that put in a lot of paperwork to get things done and back to better. Hopefully, you can be riding your bike zooming up and down again without worrying about neighbors during veterans day or memorial day. I just want you to know you are indeed a blessed fellow, human being, who went from trials to trials with each bodybuilder and each promoter and each bond that strengthens the knot of actual humanity.

You, Arnold, kept the foundation together from the bedrock and you are the pilar standing through it. If I were to make a memorial of you it would be like the roman fountain statue near the coliseum. staging times from the beginning you set your first foot to your gym in Munich all the way to Venice Beach California, from pitfall of the mountain top to the surf of the pacific ocean and lifting and pressing tons at the beach and pulling in the ol location golds gyms with your best friends. I want to tell you, you have given me a ton to learn this past year during this “wicked” pandemic. Today I have role models who ventured through your Arnold Classics and have been able to sustain their health better than ever as if King Solomon were here alive today amongst the many god deities before him. I can get carried away with that but won’t go down that rabbit hole right now.

I truly hope that you celebrate this summer in your pride, we’ve all lost one or more of whom we knew or cared for dearly during the past year. I know we are not brothers or fellows of tears but fellows of faith and joy and comradery of hope. I feel you’re making another new beginning after this settling your health to a better score of longevity and I hope to got you will truly feel better listening to your body and being able to recover and build back healthier too.

I mean listen to those guys who have gone without smoking, drinking or using other stuff than healthy cooked or prepped food and be able to accept their metabolism and tolerance level of training. Especially the older guys. How do they do it? Go check out the new-age high-tech health monitoring system at medical one labs and see how that works near Chinatown here in DC. Yeah, maybe not right away but at some point when most people already had their second shot in DC or when it’s safer to go there. I wish I could afford it, I would know all the answers my body has to recover from other things and make a plan to recover and build up timely.

Ever seen those athletes today prep a 7-10 day meal per week routine? and measuring each milligram for everything. I was in a stage like that in 2015. Now? blah,... It’s a total complete recovery today and can be done. Sometimes quickly and sometimes oh so slowly but it can be done. If Tilikum can do it and steer a pod to harbor serene waters so can you. If you’re stressed, find a peaceful area, a body of water, walk near it. Calm ambient music or silence with a prayer. Getting over anxiety helps a big ton. I believe you are able to overcome a lot of your fears. The drink just makes it all perceptual and attached to those feelings externally than the ones you care about internally. Cultivate those skills master them. I’ve been doing a lot of Tai Chi and Qi Gong lately and that’s been super meditative to help ease my inside stresses more than ever had done before. I recommend Brother Manfried, Peter Chen, Shaolin Master Ming in NY, Master Michael Wong in Ipswitch UK, and Master R. Wong over here in DC along with Shifu Ayub. just google them on youtube. We’re both fire signs and we like a lot of action! haha! But most of all we all want peace and peace of mind by caring for one another.

Looking forward to your come back these coming years Arnold and much much more, All the best in the sunlight of the spirit in good faith,

Andrei Ponze


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