Never Forget Where Lies and Anger Lead

Never forget where lies and anger lead.

I know in my heart that our country is better than what happened a year ago. But I also know the American experiment isn’t passive. It only works if we work. We are only better if we fight to be better. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.

Here’s a training plan for our democracy:

  1. Terminate gerrymandering. When the same people get re-elected every two years despite not doing anything, of course the people are angry. Like Reagan said, politicians picking their voters is anti-democratic and un-American.
  2. Open up our primaries. It is ludicrous that so many states still have a low-turnout election where the extremes decide the candidates. Open primaries move politicians to the center, where the people are.
  3. Restore the Voting Rights Act. This shouldn’t be partisan. In 2006, under Bush, the VRA was renewed with a 98-0 Senate vote. If you’re afraid of voters voting, find a new job.

This year, I’ve asked my institute, USC Schwarzenegger Institute to really focus on the foundations of the anger fueled by lies we saw boil over a year ago & solutions to the gridlocked partisanship of Washington. These three ideas are just a start, because they’re the issues I know and love.