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There alot of things that keep me motivated to keep going back to the gym and push harder everytime i step in the building. A good spotter is very important going in by yourself sometimes is a little demotivating go with someone who wants to push you as hard as they want you to push them. You might not always be that “big guy” in the gym i use that as more motivation to try to get as big or bigger than the next guy pushin weights near me. Helping other lifters who are less experienced than i am also gives me more motivation its good to help someone else try to achieve their personal goals while on the journey of making yours a reality. Lastly setting goals is a big help for me at the gym set a weight you want to be pushing, pulling, benching etc. thats what you want to achieve and its harder than what your used to youll push hard to make it to it even if you dont youve gotten alot stronger and more intense on your way to it. Getting strong isnt hard you just have to want it want to be the strongest and train to be the strongest even if you dont get there keep pushing yourself. Thats where i draw alot of my motivation from where do you? Whats your goals in the gym?


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That’s awesome that you help people, especially less experienced lifters.  I couldn’t stand the older guys when I was younger that would walk around with a scowl on their face and look at you with disgust when you were just beginning.  It’s great to have people who are willing to take the time to help others.  I try to do that as much as I can with my site.




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In 2010 after I had mailed Arnie a few times when he was the Governator of California through this website, Arnie himself sent me a mail recognizing me and advising me to work hard for attaining success. He also said in the mail that he had to face a lot of barriers due to his surname as well as his most muscular physique and was turned down by many studios in the 1970s.He said that if I worked hard I would also be successful in my career and life. Arnie had sent me this mail when he was serving as Governator. I can’t thank Arnie enough for this gesture. I have retained this email from Arnie and got it laminated and kept it safely in my cupboard. Many a times when I feel low I look up at this email from Arnie.