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Next Terminator screenplay done, Arnie wants to do Conan


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New member here, thought I’d post this since it’s not mentioned elsewhere AFAICT.

Arnold was interviewed by a Finnish newspaper on The Last Stand promo tour. He had this to say:

I want to do a new Conan movie as soon as possible, also Triplets, a sequel to Twins. Screenplay for the next Terminator movie has already been written.

I’ve been saying Arnie should do King Conan for years. Robert E. Howard actually wrote stories about King Conan, and it would fit perfectly with Arnold. Can’t express how excited I am about this!

Not so sure about Terminator. While I’ll come watch it at premier and buy the limited edition etc., how will they fit an aging robot in the Terminator universe? Or maybe they will use CGI to un-age him?

Conan and Terminator better not be PG-13. Those were travesties.

Original article (in Finnish): http://nyt.fi/20130307-kuvernoeoeri-schwarzenegger-palasi-action-sankariksi-treenaamatta-rooliaan-varten/


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Arnold is back with Terminator Genysis