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A little goes a long way!


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Hi there,

I’m not a body builder (though I probably could have been), I would like to share the benefits I’ve seen from lifting weights on occasion.

When I was 14 I started taking dance classes.  I learned how to lift weights in gym class while in High School.  During my senior year I started lifting weights about once a week to augment my dancing.  Thinking back on that time I realize that I had a very egalitarian gym instructor who thought that everyone could benefit from weight training!  I agree!  Also, my experience of being the only female working out in the High School weight room was actually positive!  I was never ridiculed or harassed, again, I think, the influence of the gym instructor!  One of the guys even said he had a lot of respect for me being there.

Going to college I initially started out as a dance major, thinking I would become a professional dancer.  I discovered that I get a lot of stage fright so I moved to theater and got my degree in Theater Production.  I worked professionally in both NYC and D.C.  Doing that type of work required a lot of lifting, carrying plywood, moving cables, and I am grateful for learning how to lift properly.  Of the people I’ve known in the business, I have had the fewest injuries and no broken bones.

I’ll be turning 50 this summer.  Though I’m currently a stay at home Mom, I still take dance and lift weights on occasion.  I believe it gave me a good base to carry me throughout my life.  My kids are thrilled that I can still give them piggyback rides (my oldest is 65 lbs). smile

So, I would say, it doesn’t matter what you decide to do in life, weight training can help make life better!  And, a little does go a long way!