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Is Mr. Schwarzenegger getting desperate? stupping so low with Toxic scam stocks? 


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On this blog, this company is using Mr Schwarzenegger’s name sake, quoting his words, as if they are somehow connected, correlated.. http://ecob.net/index.php?p=blog&id=1

“This is what everyone, including us, has been waiting for. Arnold S. was on Hannity this week and he said,“Success happens when you pay no attention to the naysayers and you work hard and it will come.” Just like it has been for him after his problems, now he is back makings movies. At Eco, our biggest naysayers are on the message boards and now we know who those people are and some are inside this lumber business running scared over Eco.”

And this is some of the make up of that company: stock symbol ECOB, Eco Building products.

Currently this company is preparing to dump toxic loans to the tune of 5 million, carrying massive debt, with Toxic lenders, ‘Death Spiral financing’, so, they are attempting to create all sorts of propaganda. And Mr Schwarzenegger, the Ex governor of California is condoning this type of operation? :

illegal short termed personal loans the CEO and Boiler room Batson’s (Investor’s relations)  exchanged. , spendthrift antics wasting 50 million dollars, ripping off the best angel investor (Manhattan resources limited.) a start up could dream of for 6.55 million dollars!..

According to the Boiler room, (investor’s relations who conducts blind calls to “investors”),  has cheated the manufacture of the main ingredient out of their product AF21, by creating a copy-cat, Sold his personal crap to the company without asking shareholders, bought a coffee franchise, no voter approved ‘acquisition’ Coffee franchise which has absolutely nothing to do with it’s business, and otherwise did not does not exist? when spendthrift MRL’s 10 million in 6 months’ that 10 million of which he robbed MRL out of 6.55 MILLION and MRL the major holder of Newstar, manufacture of Hartindo AF21 the main ingreadent, who completely washed his hands of any ties with the CEO and Company, dumped all stock, and severed ties. .. ..

Conducts massive paid for pump and dumps year after year, while handing himself share to dump into them.. has given Toxic lenders discounts up to 80%, of lowest price in 20 days so they can flood dump them for up too 15 times the money,, and I’m just pointing out a few of the massive schemes inside of this SCAM!! SEC investigation revealing last years books recorded an excess of 2 million bucks! I.E. fixed bogus books! Recent discovery of fraudulent sales on accreditations which were canceled!!

Pulling a proxy vote on sept 24 2013 for increase authorized, and yet 5 days before common’s voted the CEO used his sole board member status to do it without them? Blindsided!

And which of those voters would have agreed for the current increase from 2 billion to 10 billion and handing this scam artist 3 BILLION voting share??. that WAS NOT on the last proxy in sept 24 2013!!

This year Valentine’s Massacre, set up for a massive blood letting!! Pumping news into the market, and then whipping out the shareholders with massive toxic dilution. 

it goes on and on and on and on!! From 2009 into 2010 spending over $750k for massive pump and dumps promotions telling people of the product launch into Lowe’s, pumping it up to $1.30, and then slamming it back down with toxic loans to 30 CENTS!!

What? wait,, this was inside of Lowe’s? YUP!! AND LOWE’S KICKED this out in 2010 too, according to boiler room; because the CEO CHEATED THEM!!

Seriously? Mr Schwarzenegger is associating with this type of riff raff?