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Arnold for the president of Russia!


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First, I must say that me and my dad always were the crazy fans of Arnold and his carreer and I had taught body muscles on my dad’s poster of Arnold.

Second, the sad part, is that president of my country has cancelled my medicine and I’m probably to die in the next months because of the medicine laws. It allows doctors to kill patients by cancelling the medication, but they will be prosecuted if they give just a single capsule of medicine into wrong hands. So doctors never give out anything, even proper medicine. So thousands of people now DIE because of the lack of medicine. Please, google Vyacheslav Apanasenko case of the Russian government’s own person shooting himself because of the shame with medicine here.

I’m told to give up on my OWN life and not struggle by the government of my country, Russia.

Something that I would never hear from Arnold!

This is why I have been listening to Arnold’s speeches for hours, which are exactly the same as mine outlooks on life.

One more thing, you all of course know about the events going on in Ukraine and about Putin. I ask you, mr. Schwarzenegger, please, consider becoming president of Russia yourself. The people of Russia are tired of cruel bureaucrats that posess us now. It will be a bless!
Thank you and the best wishes!!!