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I am a management trainer and knowledge officer at the world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco. Every day I help develop the talents of a diverse workforce representing over 50 nations. I am fortunate that the Saudis do not treat foreigners like Trump’s America does. In fact, they reward us greatly for traveling so far to contribute our talents and experience to their improvement and development (they even paid for my MBA from Asia’s #1 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology). As a result I give everything I have to help further their success.

It is quite ironic that on the other side of the globe I am being treated better than we treat our own immigrants and visitors. The recent racial hatred stirred up by Trump’s approval of white supremacists and Nazis has hit my heart hard. How dare he kidnap our country this way? He does not stand for the majority of Americans. He incites hatred. Is this not a hate crime in itself, bastardizing his privileged role into that of agitator and hater-in-chief?

Your recently released video provided much solace - you speak from the heart and a place of good intention. It is clear you possess the moral authority and strong character as well as superb leadership skills that our country so sorely needs at this critical juncture. Please meet with the powers that you know and explore this opportunity. I know it is probably not a job you aspire to at this point in your life, but it is definitely one for which you are imminently qualified for, and our nation so badly needs you.

Schwarzenegger for President!