Senator McCain, Thank You

Today we learned that Senator McCain, unquestionably one of the greatest fighters this country has ever seen, has chosen to discontinue his medical treatment.

I believe in telling people what they mean to you before you have to say goodbye, so Senator McCain: thank you. Thank you with all of my heart for your commitment to our country, your inspiration, and your friendship.

I will always cherish the advice and help you gave me during my campaigns and time as Governor, I will continue to steal your fantastic jokes, and when the time comes, I will mourn you deeply.

But today, I am filled with gratitude for everything you meant to me and this country. I hope every American takes time to reflect on how they can be more like you.

John McCain spent his entire life sacrificing and being a servant for the United States of America. He sacrificed when he spent 5 and a half years in a POW camp, refusing the offer of release from torture and misery because he would not leave before those who were captured before him went home first. He served when he chose to represent the people of Arizona and the United States in Congress for nearly 4 decades. He sacrificed when he always put his country first and chose straight-shooting over spin. He served by showing us all how to act with dignity and resolve. He served, he sacrificed, and he never, ever stopped.

While many of us may be tempted to wish that Senator McCain would continue to fight for his values - for American values - at this important time, his own example tells us to reject that selfish desire.

We will not move this amazing nation forward by wishing this great American could stick around for just a little longer to help us, to give us even more of his life. We will move this nation forward by emulating his sacrifice, his service, and his selflessness.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Senator and his entire family.