Today We Remember

Today we remember. We remember the victims, their families, and the heroes. We remember the way the country came together and stood as one.

I will always remember visiting the first responders in New York less than a month later. I was there to help pump them up after their tragic, non-stop work. But they were the ones who inspired me.

They were exhausted and they were in mourning, but they just kept going because they were serving a cause bigger than themselves.

At Ground Zero, I saw them working through tears and hugged more heroes than I could count. At the three firehouses I visited, they just wanted me to work out and eat with them.

And let me tell you: firefighters can cook. I ate one meal after another because I didn’t want to be rude, and when you have a chance to eat with your heroes, you never say no.

I left that day with a stomach so full I was about to pop. But I also left with a full heart, because I saw the best of America.

We must continue to honor the victims, we must hold up and thank the police, paramedics and firefighters for their heroism, and we must never forget. Never.