Fitocracy Arnold’s 1% Challenge Month 1 Winner

Andrey Chevozerov wants to be a powerlifter one day. But between a family that includes a beautiful wife and a young boy and a busy job as a team leader at an IT company in Russia, he simply doesn’t have enough time to train to compete today.

Andrey did, however, have time to win Arnold’s 1% challenge on Fitocracy to tie for the lead last month (the winner was chosen by random drawing), and sends a great reminder that no matter the limitations on your time, it’s worth taking 15 minutes of your day for your health. He also will receive a personal motivational video from Arnold.

We talked to Andrey to see what the challenge meant to him, besides having a video of Arnold to turn to the next time he is struggling to finish his workout. Next week, we’ll share some really inspirational stories from some of the other 10,000 participants. This week, it’s all about the winner.

Take a minute to join the challenge. There are two very simple workouts and one for more intermediate lifters. Everything is designed to last 15 minutes, and for the bodyweight workout, you don’t need any equipment. You could have a signed copy of Arnold’s book or a video of your own. And don’t forget the most important rule: it isn’t just about you; inspire others around you to give 1 percent of their day as well.

Meet Andrey (Fitocracy Username: plushcube).

1. What made you join the challenge?

I've often thought about some warm up or some kind of daily dozen but had not enough motivation for that. But when Arnold himself registered on Fitocracy it caused a great impact on me. Arnold is one of the people who inspires me so much. And there’s no way I’d ignore his challenge. Also it's, the only really fair challenge where it doesn't matter who you are and how trained you are. You just do a simple quick workout every day and gain points. So you still have chances to win even if there are more trained athletes taking part in challenge. It's awesome.

2. Were you already working out every day? What was your routine like?

Before this challenge was created I had trained in the gym three times per week. And as I'm very busy and my life is full of unforeseen events sometimes I had to stop training for a while. It's OK for me because my goal at this moment is just being fit and not more. One day I'll start train more steady and change my goals but it's a plan for future life. For now I'm still trying to hit the gym at least two or three times per week and lift some weights.

But also with the Challenge I'm doing a light workout every day just before breakfast or after work. And it's very nice. Earlier when I dropped my training for a while it was very tough to start it again. Usually the very first workout after some significant break ends in the middle because I can't do anything but sit on the bench and recover. When I joined the Challenge suddenly the first workout became much easier! So it works and it works great. Some activity even as light as the Bodyweight Routine is much better than no activity.

3. Did you convince anyone else to join you?

The next point for me is to involve my beautiful wife in training. She is a former athlete but now has a hard time finding enough time and motivation to train because of our little child. But she already has a card to the gym I visit and she plans to start training soon.

And I definitely don't want to stop and will continue my training, my healthy-life promotion and participating in such wonderful challenges!

Go join the challenge today. It only takes 1% of your day to start your fitness journey.