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08/30/2019 | announcements

54 Years of Friendship and Joy

I am devastated today. But I am also so, so grateful for the 54 years of friendship and joy we shared. The pumps, the chess games, the construction work, the meals, the pranks, the life lessons - we did it all together. I will always miss you Franco. Read more

12/15/2018 | announcements

Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner-City Games

My annual Christmas tradition for more than two decades - donating and giving out toys at Hollenbeck Youth Center and Inner-City Games. If you can, please find every way you can to give back this time of year. Read more

07/04/2018 | announcements

Happy Independence Day!

This morning on Good Morning America, Chef Rush challenged me to #Flex4Forces. I am honored. Thank you to Chef Rush and all of our real American action heroes who make this country great. Read more

05/04/2018 | announcements

Major Health Update!

It feels so good to be back and I remain so, so grateful to all of you for your healing thoughts! Read more

08/18/2017 | announcements

Terminate Hate

I donated $100,000 to the Simon Wiesenthal Center to fight hate and a lot of my fans asked how they could help, so I designed this shirt and I'm donating 100% of the proceeds. Read more

07/04/2017 | announcements

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.

Only in America. My life would have been an impossible dream anywhere else, so I tell everyone I am not self-made, I'm American-made. Read more

11/28/2016 | announcements

Arnold’s House

The New Celebrity Apprentice gets down to business Monday, January 2 on NBC. Read more

11/24/2016 | announcements

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for this country for giving me everything and teaching me the importance of giving back. What are you thankful for? Read more