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Life Long Fitness


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I’m a 68 year old senior and just got done reading the article by Dr. Gupta in CNN.
He kept emphasizing the sad state of fitness and obsessity in the US. Hardly anyone
has an exersise regimen. He went on to say that practically all disease is related to
obesity. I read an article in muscle magazine in the mid 80’s that changed my life forever.
Arnold said: If you want to have life long fitness you have to make exercise a priority - which
means adjusting your scedule to put your body first. He also said that its what you eat and
how much you eat. This is the lifestyle change that is nesessary for life long fitness. I
went to my frig and literally threw out all the direct fats an started eating sensibly. People
cannot believe I’m 68.

Here’s what I do as a senior.

My diet:

one egg white and regular egg, toast, and tea for breafast.
I supplement it with a gram of vitamin C and a vitamin D suplement for
trader joes.

Lunch: A large toss salad with carrots and a half a tuna fish sandwich
      and tea.

Dinner: usually linguini and barbequed chicken or a meat spagetti sauce.

I don’t snack and I avoid sweets. I make sure I’m hungry before I eat dinner.

Exercise: I walk 2 miles a day on the flat when I’m not going cardio by walking
up hill for at least 20 to thirty minutes.

I pump Iron using using a 15 pound dumbell;

3 times ten tricep press and 3 times ten isolation curls.

So thats it.

I hope that helps. I had to give up running. If I could afford a gym I
would be doing all this and cardio right there and more.