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Arnold’s Nighgmare


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In 1983 I took a series of classes we had developed with a Laguna Beach psychologist, Dr. Barbara Wright, for battered women and molested kids, and created classes for hardcore at-risk youth. I’ve always been inspired by the fact that given a chance to learn tech skills in fast, fun, furious hands on labs, these are the most aggressive students I’ve seen in 35 years. You CAN teach a predator to become a caring human being as long as their name isn’t Terminator and they come from the future.
Today 1000’s of kids have received free PC’s they built from parts on a bench in the Kids Computer Kamp Free For PC’s For Kids program. After working with Heads of State and ministers desperate for answers to clean, affordable power, fuel and water, and the NASA and Stanford scientists to create the formulas and systems to deliver cost-effective technology, today I believe my greatest achievement is stumbling here and am kicking myself hard for not coming here sooner. Arnold; I am your new plague and believe you might actually save a real planet before you check out.