Post by Ben Bruno | 01/16/2014

You Know You’re a Meathead When…

I thought I’d cut you a break and write something that will help you build muscle and burn fat just by reading it—no additional work required, except laughing. Read more

Post by Richard Talens | 11/26/2013

Everything That You Know About Motivating Others is Wrong

If you’re passionate about fitness, you’ve probably tried to help a friend find his or her spark already, and more likely than not, this ended in failure. That’s because everything that you know about motivating others is wrong. Read more

Post by Scott Baptie | 11/20/2013

4 New Nutrition Myths

The fitness and nutrition industry is rife with misinformation. Understandably, this is confusing to many setting out with the goal of improving their body composition. Read more

Post by Teiko Reindorf | 11/18/2013

Mass Acceleration - A beginners guide to adding size

It's damn near inevitable; every time I leave the house a stranger will approach me and make a comment about my size. Things weren't always like this though. Like many kids from my generation, I spent an exorbitant amount of time in front of a TV screen. Read more

Post by Greg Nuckols | 11/13/2013

Picking the Squat that’s Right for You

The common wisdom that every good program is built around squats could not be more true. The squat utilizes almost every muscle in your body, teaches you to use your muscle synergistically, and is the cornerstone for producing 26+ inch wheels that set the serious lifter apart from the casual gym-bro. Read more

Post by Dr. Spencer Nadolsky | 11/06/2013

Pump Iron, Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming more prevalent in the US, which poses a big time threat to our health care economy and of course our friends and family. The need for prevention is key and pumping iron might be a big part of the answer! Read more