Post by Arnold Schwarzenegger | 07/30/2012

Shock Me

I want to talk about how you can use shock to your advantage in your fitness journey. Muscles weren’t designed to be bored. They hate monotony. You have muscles all over your body, just asking for a little excitement. Read more

Post by Adam Bornstein | 07/26/2012

Old School Muscle

Here are six forgotten bodybuilder techniques that will transform your body. Add these to your fitness plan—including a favorite technique from Arnold—and the only thing that will be old is the body you used to have. Read more

Post by Jim Smith | 07/25/2012

Top 6 Best Squat Tips

I thought it would be perfect for this week’s theme of the dreaded ‘chicken leg syndrome’. Squats aren’t called the ‘king of all exercises’ for nothing. Read more

Post by John Romaniello | 07/24/2012

15 Minutes to Eradicate Chicken Legs

With only 15 minutes of time, it’s difficult to imagine that one could get a great leg workout. What about one that can increase strength, speed, power, and muscle size? Impossible? Not remotely. Read more

Post by Arnold Schwarzenegger | 07/23/2012

Chicken Legs and the Big Picture

People love to do their bench press sets. They love to do their curls. I’ve heard them talk about their hot tub muscles, or say things like “Sun’s out, guns out!” But if you are leaving half of your body unworked, you can never consider yourself truly fit. Read more

Post by Arnold Schwarzenegger | 06/25/2012

Arnold Classic Europe 2012

The Arnold Classic Europe 2012 is set to kick off in Spain from October 11-14, 2012. Be sure to buy your tickets now! Read more